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Bryan & Angel Ries
Andrew, Aaron, Abigail, Anna & Alexander
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Hello Churches and Prayer Partners, 

Happy New Year!

Last month, our family took a two week survey trip to Thailand.  It was a huge deal for us and for planning for our future ministry in the country. It was a truly overwhelming experience!

We were able to have many great experiences and conversations during our trip. We made a point to meet with several missionary families, attend church services at a few different churches, we did some canvassing outreach, witnessed English class outreach, tried every form of transportation available, prayed for the people and about God’s will for our future ministry in Thailand. Overall, we wanted to experience life in Thailand for a few weeks, to see, hear, smell, and feel Thailand. It was definitely an eventful and successful survey trip.

Our children all went with us on the trip.  This provided some additional stress and challenge getting around Bangkok, but it also helped us understand what life would really be like for us in a mega-city like Bangkok. We aren’t “big city people”; never have been.  But, we discovered that we could live in Bangkok if God leads us there. We did some family fun activities, went grocery shopping, and several other things as a family.  We also really wanted our kids to come with us on the trip so they could see and experience the country that they’ll be moving to also.  They loved it, by the way!

There was definitely some culture shock. It is so different from anything we have ever experienced and everything that is comfortable for us. But, we are determined to see God use us for His glory to share His Gospel with these precious people.  We appreciate your continued prayers as we seek to know the will of God about where to live when we arrive to learn language and where He might eventually have us step out and plant churches.  Make sure you check out the pictures included in this email from our trip.  Thank you for your prayers and those that gave generously to make the trip possible!

We appreciate your prayers as we start our second year of deputation ministry. January and February we will be sharing our calling to Thailand with churches in IN, IL, OH, and GA.  We are currently at 29% of our needed support.

By His Grace,
Bryan and Angel Ries
Andrew, Aaron, Abigail, Anna and Alexander