Emmanuel K. Abotchi
Toga, West Africa
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Dear Pastors and Praying friends,
I would like to start off by thanking all of you that have joined hands in partnership with me for the work of God. I have testified the protection and the provision of the Lord these past two months in very special ways. I have successively spent the month of August in holding meetings in Kansas, Ohio, Tennessee, North Carolina, Kentucky, Kansas, Missouri and Kansas. It was a very demanding schedule since I have started school in the Month and I have on site classes from Monday -7am- to Wednesday in Washington, IL. Consequently I have seen myself driving through nights and back and forth from Washinton,IL . Some time I wander if I am pushing too hard or just doing what is needed. Such time as this a helper is needed. Hahaha I was hoping to have the adjustment of status done by last June and solemnly be dedicated to deputation from then to June 2017. For some reasons, things didn’t go as planned. I therefore will request of you a prayer for wisdom and God‘s leadership in dealing with this situation. Mr. Tingen, the General Director of our Mission Agency has been working hard in his capacity in helping in this. So I would like you to include him in your prayer for wisdom and endurance as well. My prayer and desire is to see everything conclude and receive a final decision from the immigration office by November–December. In my last prayer letter I have asked a prayer for my Grandmother. The visit of my friends with her was a successful one and I was reported that she called upon the name of the Lord Jesus for salvation. I have talked to her and she was happy and thankful that I sent those messengers to her. Please keep upholding her in your prayers because her health is still failing, pray for her growth in the Lord and her enjoyment in the Christian walk with the Lord for the rest of her life. I have had a very full schedule from January to August. For this month of September I have just 4 meetings in Kentucky, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Please be in Prayers for more opened doors to present my ministry through the month and the rest of year. “ I set my face unto the Lord God , to seek by Prayer and supplications, with fasting, and sackcloth and ashes” Daniel 9:3. Your partnership in prayers and finances are valuable and appreciated.
In His Service,
Emmanuel K ABOTCHI
Missionary to Togo West Africa