Paul & Paula Pierucki
Seth, Shannon, Hannah,
Elijah & Isaac
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Dear Praying Friends,

2 Timothy 2:15 “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”
This is our theme this year; not like we have not always focused on this, but that God approves of what we teach and preach. Too many do not study, or if they do study, they only do it to be approved of their peers. You never know it all and should be teachable of being corrected by the word. So we will be looking for traditions or teachings of men that limit the Holy One of Israel.
Our focus will be, as always, Jesus Christ and him being the only right foundation, eternally secure in him. Since one must be born of the Spirit, and he uses the word of God for this purpose, we will concentrate on verses concerning his work: reproving the world of sin, righteousness and judgment. I’ve already started working on new material in Romanian for this. We’ve prepared the children’s ministries in the village and at the orphanage, and for personal evangelism for this winter and spring, as well.
I had to stay in the states a few extra weeks last month. Our daughter, Shannon has moved out of the house by our home church and we sold it. We bought a fixer-upper lake house in Indiana down by our sons. Michigan taxes and insurance are so high. This will save us $1000 a year, alone. Also, the family will enjoy the fishing much. The house sale fell through, so we had to put it back on the market. Once it is sold, it will cover most of the cost of the other place. Moving is complete, via twenty trips with our old van. I pray, never again!
A great friend went home to heaven while I was still in the states and I am thankful I was there to be with his family and church. I did learn what Paul meant by “the care of all the churches.” As a missionary, we love you all and every local church is precious to our heart. It is amazing! In each church we have special friends. God is so good!
We came back to four foot of snow (a few years ago we had nine). I had my work cut out for me getting everything back in order. We’re thankful we are getting some warm days, but with rain it causes serious flooding.
The Romanian government has gone wild! The socialists are letting all their corrupt politicians out of jail and passing laws that allow them to steal tens of thousands of dollars without any criminal charges. Most of the protests are peaceful; but the coverage you see is just the worst! A flip of what is happening in America. Funny how one’s party can break laws for years, then when the tide turns, the others cry – the law! This world is not our home and don’t forget who we are ambassadors for. Pray for souls, seek souls, and be sure and tell others of Jesus!
With love from your Missionaries,
The Pierucki Family