Richard & Catherine Rich
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Dear Praying friends,
These past few months we have really sensed the power of your prayers. Jas 5:16b- “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” God has done so much for us here in Japan. Hikaru Kobayashi was home for the summer and is now back at PCC for her second year of studies. English is still hard for her, so please pray for understanding and her studies. She came home just before mother’s day and her Father came on father’s day for the first time. Mrs. Ikegame Mrs. Ikegame Mother’s Day Father’s Day- Mr. Kobayashi Balloon Festival Mrs. Ikegami has been studying Bible and English with us for close to seven years. She went with us in the spring to view the Apricot blossoms. We had a great time with her and soon afterward she received Christ as her savior on April 1st . (No April fool’s joke.) What a change we have seen in her life. She has been very faithful in attending church and is taking the new believer’s class. It is neat to see a new Christian of 70 years of age working hard at doing the motions with the children as we sing children’s songs in Sunday school, and for her to be there, responding to the Word of God. On May 2-5 the Hot Air Balloon Festival took place in our City. On the 2nd we served breakfast and watched about 35 balloons go by. Then on May 30th we traveled to Koriyama Baptist Church and unloaded a number of items for 8 different Pastors near the nuclear disaster area, then on to two different refugee housing areas. We also gave each family a special letter and a Gospel of John. Koriyama Refugee Housing #1 Brother Takagi, Pastor Tajima, Pastor Ohata ,April Each year Nozawa has fireworks on August 15th.We use that time for Evangelism because we have a great view of the fireworks from our house. We have Barbecue, play games, watch the fireworks and give a short message from the Word of God. This year we started at 5:00 PM and ended at 10:30 PM. Last year we had 19 come and this year 27. A new family came, Scott and Michieko McDonald and their son Kaz. They are Christians but their son is not yet saved. Kaz (pictured on pg. 2) is standing at Abigail’s Lemon aid stand. Michael had made it for her birthday in July and she sold lemon Aide at the fireworks for 10 yen a cup. She then gave the 10 yen back to the buyer and told them to give it to someone else so they could also buy lemon aide. They live north of Tokyo but recently got a summer cottage here in Saku. They saw our church sign and Faith Baptist Missions for Japan Taking the Living Son To the Land of the Rising Sun 2 have been coming to our church whenever they are in the area. In America we have snow birds but here in Saku we have summer birds as people come here to get away from the hot cities. Minori Kutsukake Minori and two sisters Mrs. Kutsukake and three girls Kaz & Scott McDonald at Abigail’s Nurse Tooyama and two children Lemon aid stand About a year and a half ago a new Christian family (Kutsukake) visited our church. Their daughter Minori is now in her second year of high school and has been coming to our church while staying with her grandparents here in Saku. Next year her mother and two sisters plan to return from Hong Kong so that their second daughter can attend Japanese high school here. The Japanese language at the Japanese high school in Hong Kong is not very good. So they are moving back to Japan and plan to come to our church. The mother and three girls attended the August 15 event. 29 came this year and 16 of them were unsaved. Please pray for this family and especially for their children as we are not sure of their salvation. One of my Home Care nurses, Mrs. Tooyama also came with her family (Husband and three of her four children). Also Right after the fireworks in August a Missionary from Shikoku called to talk to me about the Kido family that they had led to Christ a few years ago in Shikoku. A few weeks before the call, April had gone to a coffee shop and met the wife. She gave her a church invitation. The Missionary then called me to see where we stood and after a long conversation she told me she was going to recommend that they come to our church since they had only been having Bible time in their home. The next Sunday they came and have been coming for seven weeks faithfully staying all day. They are very excited about being a part of our church. The whole family is Takashi (Husband), Caroline (Wife), Kyle 10, Joshua 8 and Sophie 3. Two weeks ago April led their two sons to the Lord. The parents are now in a special class in preparation for membership. About two weeks ago brother Kido said that he is wondering if God might want him in the ministry. Please pray for their growth and development. Kyle, Joshua, Abigail playing together Takashi Kido and Michael, Carolyne, April & Children. God has blessed so many ways and we are very excited.
Please pray for:
1. The Hospital Ministry. We have contacts in both the old and New Hospitals Old- Saku Central Hospital, And New Saku advanced Medical Center.
2. Dr. Okada. We meet almost every Tuesday at 5:00 or so in the morning at our house as he is running to the Hospital. He was a part of the team that flew by helicopter to mount Ontake to help after it blew up a couple a couple of weeks ago. Pray for His Salvation and that God will keep this door to the hospital open.
3. Doctor Okada gave us permission to have a half hour concert in the ICU on December 23 at 10:00 AM. This makes our third year in a row. Also we are working on doing an old fashioned Hymn sing in the Foyer of the Hospital. I still need to set up the Christmas concert at the old Hospital as well. Pray that these will become a reality
4. For the Kido Family’s growth (especially the newly saved Kyle and Joshua) and Mr. Kido’s health – He is battling Chrone’s disease. Also their daughter Sophie’s salvation.
5. For the Ladies Fall Tea on Oct. 14th 2:00PM.
6. For the Thanksgiving Outreach on Nov. 23
7. For the American Family Christmas on Dec. 21.
8. For the New Years’ Service on Jan,1, 2015
9. Continued Health with all that’s going on.
10. For Cathy and I as we prepare for a 6 week furlough from January 26 in the southern states. We are also planning a 6 week Furlough in the northern states in 2016.
11. For Mrs. Ikegame’s continued Spiritual growth – She needs to be baptized and is currently studying.
12. Abigail has decided to be Baptized and is currently studying the Baptismal children’s notes that I wrote Years ago on a children’s level. April is teaching her on Wednesday night while I am teaching the adults.
13. Dr. Kubo will find time to study Bible and English.
14. For God to give Rich more strength in his legs so he can walk more.
15. For our new Children’s choir. Name- Joyful Singers. They will be singing at the Family Christmas, at the Saku Medical Center on Dec. 23 and possibly at Saku Central Hospital.
16. That our friend Mr. Ishii will soon come to the Lord. He was here on Friday, Saturday and Monday for Four hours. We talked a lot about Christ and the difference between being a Christian and being a Buddhist.
Thank you all so much for your faithful prayers and Support. Because of you we just keep on keeping on.
Representing Jesus Christ in your Behalf,
Richard and Cathy Rich