Remember the Exchange Rate

We had just crossed the Canadian border to begin a week long fishing trip. We pulled into a currency exchange post. What a blessing it was to find that my American currency was worth more than the Canadian. I now had more money than I started out with just because I was in another country. Yippee!!! We had a great time of fishing that week and then we had to head back to the states, but now the reality hit me, my Canadian cash was worthless in America. I had to make the exchange on the Canadian side only to get small return of American dollars for the large amount of Canadian dollars I handed them. Mark 8:37 says, What shall a man give in exchange for his soul? What is the soul? It is your self-worth, personal dignity, what you know yourself to be. It can be applied to the eternal state of a man. The first thing to consider is that a man’s soul will spend eternity somewhere, either with God or in hell. What a tragedy for a man to ignore God for wealth and worldly possessions and then spend eternity in hell without the any of the things he gave his life too! There was a rich man who seemed to think life was all about material accumulation to the neglect of his own soul but the reality of death came to him and he discovered the poor exchange rate. Then there are those who know the Lord as their Savior but have exchanged spiritual life for fleshly life only to discover there is no real self-respecting gratification found. David would experience the poor exchange when he committed adultery with Bathsheba only to forsake his fellowship with God. He would be confronted by God’s man and his conscience would be defiled and the effects of his sin would bring great harm to his family. He forgot the poor exchange rate. Stephen would die a martyr’s death but with his dying words he would testify of seeing Jesus standing at the right hand of the Father watching him. He would die with peace and honor, he remembered the exchange rate. Paul would be a convert of Christ partially because of the testimony of Stephen and he too would make the exchange of comfort for a cross, of worldly position for work of preaching! In his most trying times he would say, “all men forsook me but the Lord stood with me and delivered me out of the mouth of the Lion.” The other day I did not feel like going through my prayer list as it is quite long and time consuming. For some reason I found it easier to read than pray but then the Lord motivated me with this principle, remember the exchange rate! Time with God is always time well spent! Remember the exchange rate the next time you feel tempted to abandon your walk with God, it just might help see you through to the other side!

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