The Disciples on The Troubled Sea

And he saith unto them, Why are ye fearful, O ye of little faith? Then he arose, and rebuked  the winds and the sea; and there was a great calm. Matthew 8:26

The disciples are on the open sea with the Master, He is sleeping,  and a storm comes but He continues to sleep. The waves are splashing over the bow, the boat is getting filled with water, yet, Jesus continues to sleep. The Master is able to sleep through the storm. This could be a testimony of what a good day’s work will do for you. Many would benefit from that lesson. They worry, because they don’t have enough to keep their minds preoccupied. We could emphasize this point further but that’s not why I am writing.

The real lesson that needs to be pointed out is that the disciples were fearful for their lives and desperately wake up the Lord hoping He will save them. The Lord wakes up and gives two rebukes. The order is significant. The first rebuke is toward the disciples and the second rebuke is toward the wind and the waves.

Let’s consider this for a moment. The Lord questions their fearfulness and rebukes their little faith first. Why? Because little faith is far more dangerous than wind and waves! Little faith kept the children of Israel in the wilderness forty years. Many were never able to experience the promised land because of little faith. Little faith keeps many people out of church. It keeps others from reading their Bibles. It keeps others from witnessing, as well as opens the door to fearfulness every time trouble comes our way!

Those of little faith are those who are ruled by fear. Don’t go into spiritual combat with someone of little faith. These are people who often allow the situations of life to rule their wellbeing rather than the Situator!

The Lord is far more concerned about our faith than the wind and the waves in our lives. He is more than able to care for the wind and the waves but He wants to see faith. Faith is necessary to please God.


We need to consider the rest of the story. The disciples did wake the Lord up and He did calm the troubled sea.  Why? Because they had a little faith. Enough faith to wake Him up but not calm their hearts. Do you have a troubled heart today? Do you feel like the Lord is sleeping as the winds and the waves of worry blow upon your heart? Wake Him up with the touch of faith.

Awake, why sleepest thou, O Lord? Arise, cast us not off forever Psalms 44:23

Christ will awake and you will know Him to be the Master of the sea!

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