Are You Looking For a Novel Remedy?

Are You Looking For A Novel Remedy? Naaman the leper had been told to dip in the Jordan seven times and he would be cured of his leprosy. Apparently he didn’t like the idea of jumping into a dirty river. He thought the prophet would gladly come out and do something miraculous and the leprosy would disappear. He was so disappointed in the prophets remedy that he left in a rage. Somewhere down the road one of his servants was able to reason with him, he said, if the prophet had bid you do some great thing you would easily have done it but now all he requires is that you jump in the river seven times, that’s easy. Naaman almost missed miracle he was looking for because he expected something novel in the remedy. How often the people of God miss out on a miracle because the remedy is too bland or monotonous? Go to church, read your Bible, pray with your family, tithe and serve others, seems too simple to solve a marriage problem but it works, seems too simple to solve an emotional problem but it works, seems too simple to solve a financial problem but it works. The main thing is that you get your heart right with God. Some people are more patient with a new diet plan than they are with God. Some people are more patient with the U. S. Post Office than they are with God. Remember, they that wait upon the Lord shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint– Isaiah 40:31 God’s way works and God’s timing is best! Those that have given God time can testify to it. You may be waiting for God to change a person’s life and you have tried to be patient but they don’t seem to be changing. Friend, the question is; are you changing? If you are waiting on God he wants to change you first! It is amazing what you can handle when he changes you. Read: II Kings 5 and let the Lord speak to your heart.

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