Cracked Glass

A couple of weeks ago I dropped my cell phone and the screen cracked. It was only a day or two later while driving to a preachers meeting I had another cracked glass experience. The little chip on the driver side of my windshield decided to spread like a living spider web. I thought the window was going to implode. The little chip had become a major crack. The change of weather had exposed the weakness and now the window had to be replaced. Our character is like the window glass, it affects how we see the world and it affects how the world sees us

1. Sometimes we get a crack in our character because of a drop and sometimes it is no fault of our own, it was just the road we were traveling. Bad habits can be picked up without knowing they are bad habits. Such as eating with your mouth open, not making your bed, or forgetting to say thank you. These can come as a result of the road you have traveled. Now the day will come if it hasn’t already, when you can choose your road and fix your habits. 

2. Some cracks in our character we can live with and some we shouldn’t. We can live with a slight speech impediment, but we shouldn’t live with a foul mouth. We can live with a dirty house but we should not live with a dirty heart!

3.Often little cracks turn into big cracks. The right amount of pressure or change will always reveal the strength or weakness of our character. Some, like Joseph, will be able to maintain their purity in the time of temptation. Others who have fed their lusts in secret will easily fall!  Some, like Daniel, will purpose not to defile themselves regardless of the consequences but others, like Aaron, will yield to the will of the crowd. Some, like Job, will maintain their faith in the fire while others, like Demas, will forsake the Lord having loved this present world. Under the right pressure a man who is given to greed might one day be pressed to steal. A woman who is consumed about being alone may throw away her purity for a partner. The little crack of lying to cover a wrong can easily turn into a habit if not called out. The little crack of laziness may not be evident until there is a need for self-reliance. 

4. Finally, it costs to replace a cracked window but it’s worth it. It may cost your reputation to tell on yourself but it will give you a clean start with God. It may cost you financially but it will give you a good conscience. It will cost your pride but it will gain forgiveness! Forgiveness, a clean slate with God! It’s available if you’re humble.


I haven’t replaced my phone because it’s still useable but my windshield needed to be replaced it just wasn’t safe. Insurance took care of most of it but I still had to pay a hundred dollars. Oh well! What’s a hundred dollars when it comes to a safe drive and a better view? Christ can provide you forgiveness but you’ll have to pay the price to develop good character. Let every man prove his own work and then shall he have rejoicing in himself alone and not in another–  Galatians 6:4

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