Does Your Gratitude Outweigh your Greed?

Does Your Gratitude Outweigh Your Greed?

If it doesn’t you will find reason to gripe! Visualize a set of scales in your heart and begin placing on one side of the scales all of the things you should be thankful for. On the other side of the scales are the things you want that you don’t have. Weigh them in degree of importance as well as pleasure. Weigh them in degree of permanence and you will find the things God has given you and promised you far outweigh all other things.

I have a Pastor friend who has eight children and just took a new pastorate in Texas. Only a month ago he lost everything from a house fire, everything except his family and the clothing they had on. He could only rejoice that none of his family got hurt. His gratitude outweighed his greed. He is a godly man and never had a problem with gratitude but the reality is many Christians don’t appreciate the most important things until they are gone or until they are all they have left.

I know another man who claims to be saved has a nice house and is married to a lovely lady yet he is miserable and is living in self-pity. I’m not sure but greed might be outweighing his gratitude! When greed rules us we show it by our griping! When gratitude rules us we show it by our praising!

When greed rules we will forfeit our integrity to get what we want. When gratitude rules we remain content with what we have. Gehazi was led by greed and though he got wealth he lost his health (2 Kings 5).

Lot was greedy and chose the well-watered plains of Sodom, Abraham was grateful and chose to build an altar to God. If you want to know the rest of the story read from Genesis 13-19. Abraham would enjoy greater blessings and longevity as Lot would lose all that was important to him.

As a Christian we have the love of the heavenly Father upon us that nothing can separate us from. We have eternal life and a mansion awaiting us in Heaven. We have the person of the Holy Spirit with us as our comforter, counselor and convincer of truth. We have the word of God that has power to feed and lead us. We have an eternal purpose that is specifically for us to pursue.

The next time you feel like griping remember the will of God; In everything give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you– 1 Thessalonians 5:18

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