Don’t Drink That Cup!

They gave him vinegar to drink mingled with gall: and when he had tasted thereof, he would not drink. Matthew 27:34

Contrary to the appearance of what we read, this was not an added insult offered to our Lord, but rather a drink that would alleviate the sufferings to be endured on the cross. It was for this reason our Lord refused the drink. He understood he needed to endure the complete suffering of the cross to pay the sin penalty for humanity! He would not make a partial payment, therefore he refused that cup!

It is strange that later he appears to drink that cup.  And straightway one of them ran, and took a sponge, and filled it with vinegar and gave him to drink. Matthew 27:48

What was the difference? The second time he was offered the drink he had already completed the payment of sin’s penalty and would not jeopardize the redemption process! The first time the drink was offered he had not. As we consider his refusal we should understand that;

Some things are only wrong because it is not the right time for them. Vacations that must be paid for on credit alone are an example. The privileges of marriage without being married is an example. Don’t drink that cup!

Some things are wrong all of the time; Lying, stealing, drunkenness to name a few. Once again people often resort to this behavior to get themselves out of trouble. Don’t drink that cup!

Some things are wrong because they will take you out of the will of God. The Father’s will, was that Jesus would drink the full cup of suffering. It was the only way to make redemption available to mankind. Earlier the Lord had prayed, “take this cup from me, nevertheless not my will but thine be done!” He chose the difficult right over the comforting wrong!

In times of trouble, we tend to look for the easy cup even if it takes us out of the will of God. Like Elimelech did with his family when he left Bethlehem Judah during a famine to sojourn in Moab. He and his family would suffer greater trouble for leaving the will of God. Don’t drink that cup!

Often I’ve seen good people turn to alcohol when they were going through a great crisis and it only made things worse! Don’t drink that cup!

Some things are wrong because they are offensive to the conscience of another. We don’t want to be a hindrance to someone’s faith, let alone someone who is lost. Paul said if eating meat makes my brother to be offended, I will not eat meat. There are things that are not sinful, but they are questionable. Therefore it’s best not to flaunt your Christian liberty in front of those who may get wounded by your actions. Mixed swimming parties, certain types of music, and entertainment may offend another. If you are mindful of this, then don’t drink that cup!

 What we don’t do is as important as what we do when it comes to being used for the glory of God!

The ransom was paid as the result of our Lord’s decision. Doubters at the cross became converts!

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