Don’t Forget In The Dark What God Has Shown You In The Light

Don’t Forget In The Dark, What God Has Shown You In The Light!

Saturday night I decided to go for a three and a half mile run to cap off a great birthday! Earlier that day my wife and I made bus visits and other visits with folks who were considering baptism. We went to an early dinner at the Holly Hock Restaurant in Indy. It is a country style restaurant with great food. We went home and I headed to the church to do a little work for services on Sunday.

It was about 9:30 PM when I finally got to run but it was a beautiful evening. The stars were out and the moon was bright. There was still enough light that I could see the road, but on the return it was dark. As I headed for the home stretch with about a half mile to go, I remembered the deep pot hole in the middle of the road just outside my house. I thought, wow! That would be terrible to land in that thing while running. I was so glad I remembered seeing it in the light. The Lord immediately reminded me of an old truth, Don’t forget in the dark what God has shown you in the light!

There will be times that your emotions may cloud your reason but God’s Word has told you about dangerous pitfalls. You may be struggling with a relationship that is not God’s will but you’re in the dark and you can’t see it. May the memory of what God told you in the light remind you of the consequences before you go too far! You may be struggling financially and desperation has darkened your reason. You are about to forfeit your integrity and your testimony to get gain. May what God has shown you in the light about the dangers of this decision steer you clear of that pot hole!

We need to pay attention to God’s will and his warnings when we are in the light. For the night cometh when no man can work. At night is when we need to exercise the most faith because we can’t see nearly as well!

I know people who have made decisions to stay pure and honor God with their lives when they were young. But when they got older and the darkness of peer pressure shrouded them in darkness they gave in only to discover the pain of sin was as bad as they had been told as young people. The pain of sin always outweighs the pleasure of sin!

While ye have light, believe in the light, that ye may be the children of light… John 12:36

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