Gaining Entrance to Heaven!

Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 5:3

Jesus pronounces a blessing on those that are poor. Strange as it sounds the word blessing could be interpreted as happy but it has a deeper meaning. It has the sense of being in a good position.

Let’s consider a few things about this passage, it is not about the financially poor although they are often poor in spirit as well. It is not saying the wealthy cannot enter the kingdom of heaven either. Lazarus didn’t gain paradise because he was financially poor and the rich man didn’t wind up in hell because he was wealthy. Zacchaeus was wealthy but found a home in heaven, Joseph of Arimathaea was wealthy and he is certainly enjoying the kingdom of heaven.  

How could one be blessed and poor in spirit? Well, to be poor in spirit is to understand you are spiritually bankrupt. You have nothing to gain entrance into heaven in and of yourself. If you would find entrance you can only beg. The poor in spirit see their need of God and his mercy and are most welcoming to God’s gift of eternal life found in Jesus Christ.

As opposed to the proud in spirit, whom God resists. The door to heaven is shut to the proud in spirit. The spiritually lost of mankind will remain lost until they see they are poor in spirit. The rich man that went to hell obviously did not see his spiritual condition before the Judge of all the earth. The fact is even among believers, our pride can hinder us from enjoying the blessings (I didn’t say salvation) of the kingdom of heaven. You may be struggling with guilt, bitterness, envy, or some other stronghold of sin and wonder why you cannot find victory. The answer is most likely that you forgot you were poor in spirit.

A story is told of a very large semi hauling very large cargo across the United States. It was extremely valuable cargo and they thought they had planned the easiest route to their destination. What they did not account for was a particular bridge they must go under. They were some four inches too high to clear. They brought engineers out to assess what they must do. They talked about tearing down the bridge to unloading the truck but were not quite sure of the best option until a young employer said, Why don’t you just let the air out of the tires?”

There is the answer! We need to deflate often when it comes to our pride! Remember, he giveth more grace to the HUMBLE.

That is why Jesus said, “Blessed are the poor in spirit.” That is why theirs is the kingdom of heaven!

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