He Made It Again

He made it again This potter was no ordinary potter. He began his task with a clear image in mind of the vessel he was looking to make. He worked his clay and worked his clay but on this particular day with this particular piece of clay something was different. The clay would not hold its shape. He would work it on the wheel and it would collapse. He would work it and it would collapse again. Finally he decided the vessel he planned to make would not work with this clay. He did not want to throw the clay away so he would have to make another vessel. He was a very creative potter so it was not difficult for him to design another vessel. So he picked up the clay from off the wheel and rolled into a ball, put it back on the wheel and he made it again. Instead of a beautiful vase he would make a water pitcher. As long as the clay was pliable he could do his work. Once the mold was shaped he would put it into an oven to harden. It would take some time but the potter knew just when to take it out of the oven. He never kept it in too long or brought it out too early. The finished product would become a very useful and even valuable vessel for some primitive eastern family. It is hard to believe that the clay it was made from was marred. The potter knew how to get the most out of the clay! So does our heavenly Father! We may be marred but we can be mended. Our Father knows how to turn our messes into masterpieces! Have you messed up? Do you feel there is no hope for your life? All it takes is for you to be pliable and submissive to the Lord. He will take your life, mold your life and make you a vessel of value and usefulness. He wants you to be able to pour the living water on those around you. He wants you to be able to carry the gospel to the lost in a vessel that is a designer’s model. He knows people are particular about the vessels they drink from. He wants the gospel to be dispensed from a suitable vessel. And the vessel that he made of clay was marred in the hand of the potter: so he made it again another vessel, as seemed good to the potter to make it. – Jeremiah 18:4

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