HIding The Cables and Cords!

Hiding the Cable and Cords!

There are some things that are unsightly that you can’t get rid of. Cables and cords from the TV, computer, and DVD player would be in this category. I feel my home is very comfortable. My wife is an exceptional decorator and I really enjoy relaxing on my couch. Our living room qualifies as the most comfortable room in the house. The windows, fireplace, and mantle certainly give it a peaceful feel. Yet, for years, I have left the TV wires and cables on display for all to see. There they are, on the south wall, below the TV, all tangled together going every direction. There are white, yellow, and black cables and cords to give the room that extra decorative touch. This was not her doing of course! Our youngest daughter asked me recently if she could pay to have those cables and cords hidden. She said, “dad, it’s an eyesore and it would cost only $100 to have somebody come in and fix it”. At first, I said, “sure”, but then thought… “I can do it”.

Lesson one, We can get used to things that clutter and dirty our lives. I had grown so accustomed to the wires that they didn’t bother me, but after our conversation, I thought… “they do look bad”. My wife reminded me that she, too, thought they were a mess that needed cleaned up, but I have selective hearing and didn’t fully remember that conversation. Oops!
“…Considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?” (Matthew 7:3)
Lesson two, There are some things that we can do ourselves. Why should my daughter spend $100 on hiding cables and cords when she could use it more profitable for Christmas gifts, such as books, golf balls, or fishing lures? I had decided that this was a project Dad could do. So, the adventure began, with drilling holes in the wall, fishing cables and cords through the wall and mounting the TV again.
“Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might…” (Ecclesiastes 9:10)
Lesson three, There are some things we can’t remove that we ought to hide. Of all the cables and cords that I found in this tangled technological mess, only one was unnecessary. I don’t know how it found its way there, but I am sure it enjoyed the company. Had I not determined to fix the obvious eyesore, I am sure others could have slithered their way into the web, and I would not have known the difference. I was able to hide three of the cords in the wall but the rest were horizontal and I didn’t want to drill through two-by-fours. So I built a false wall for them to hide behind. They are all necessary for the TV, Internet, and DVD player to work, so I had to keep them. This does not mean they needed to be on display.
You may have some obnoxious relatives that you can’t remove, but you don’t have to tell everyone. You may have sins of the past that you can’t remove, but you don’t have to put them on display. You may have been hurt in the past, but that doesn’t mean you have to constantly talk about it. We need to remember that we don’t have to (nor should we) reveal everything about ourselves. It should be enough that God knows. Your life experiences good and bad have shaped your character and can’t be removed. If you don’t like who you’ve become then build a wall and be what God wants you to be. Social media has been the ruin of some people because they exposed too much of themselves. Be courteous to yourself and others, hide the nonsense that can’t be removed!
“So the wall was finished…” (Nehemiah 6:15) Nehemiah built a wall that hid the rubble and ruin of the past!

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