I Am Doing A Great Work

  I am doing a great work!

And I sent messengers unto them, saying, I am doing a great work, so that I cannot come down: why should the work cease, whilst I leave it, and come down to you? Nehemiah 6:3
Those who were opposed to the rebuilding of the wall of Jerusalem sought to lure Nehemiah out into the plain of Ono to converse. That would have been an Oh no, if he did it! We learn some things from this passage about staying motivated in the work of God.

                              The fact that Nehemiah thought the rebuilding of the wall was a great work kept him away from the wrong crowd

                              The fact that he thought he was doing a great work kept him going in the right direction.

                              The fact that he thought it was a great work kept him faithful in spite of adversity.
Pastors and people quit on the work of God oftentimes because they lose the sense of its greatness! The work that Nehemiah was doing was brick by brick stone by stone. The goal was to remove the reproach of God’s people and bring glory to God.
The temple had been restored but the walls and the city were still in shambles. The work involved removing a lot of rubble. It was dirty work it was not a glamorous job. But when the project was complete it would honour the Lord in a great way! God was with Nehemiah in this endeavor.
No matter how dirty his hands got, no matter how monotonous the work seemed at times it was still a great work! Nehemiah did not lose the sense of its greatness! Have you?
The bus ministry is great work! The nursery is a great work! The Sunday school is great work! The Junior church is great work! The nursing home ministry is a great work! The Mission is a great work! May God help us remember this as we get back to normal! Somebody has to serve in these ministries. They are ministries that glorify God and help in the furtherance of the gospel!
The Christian who is steadfast unmoveable and always abounding in the work of the Lord knows the Lords work is the greatest work! As admirable as the fireman, police officer and EMT are, their work is no greater than the Lord’s work! God’s work rescues souls from hell! God’s work has the touch of eternity on it!
It’s great because of its eternal value, its great because of who it represents, and its great because of how long it will be remembered by God!
All other achievements and worldly accolades will be forgotten in a thousand years but not the work you have done for Christ!
So when you flesh the world and the devil try to sidetrack you, just say, Leave me alone! I am doing a great work!

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