Ice in the Pipes!

Ice in the pipes! The other day during the sub-zero temperatures here in Lebanon Indiana, I heard this strange sound under my house. It was a constant grinding from a motor, I knew immediately what it was. It was my sump pump trying to dispel water to the back yard. The problem was everything was frozen outside even the pipes from the sump pump. I knew that if the sump pump didn’t get turned off it would burn out, so I got to do my favorite thing, sojourn through the bowels of the crawl space. There is nothing so exciting as getting under our house, I am being facetious. I had hoped that I could turn it off with a breaker switch on the wall in my garage but the problem was I turned off a number of appliances as well. Traversing the crawl space was the only solution, so down I went, crawling to the center of the house with flash light in hand. I unplugged the poor sump pump that sounded if it would die, and the grinding stopped. I knew I’d have to make a return trip once the ice thawed. This morning I made that trip and was a little concerned that the sump pump might not work, believe me, I said a prayer, before I plugged it back in. Glory to God! It worked! The water found its way to the outside again proving the ice in the pipes had melted. Yes, even in the winter our crawl space somehow gets a little water in it. We do live on Elm Swamp Road. I feel much better about my excursion under the house now that I know I don’t have to buy a new sump pump. You see, some things are not meant to be under your house and water is one of them. I do not need to go into the repercussions of having standing water under the house only to say, it stinks! Where is all of this going? Well, there are some things in our lives that are not healthy, they are down right stinky! Our fellowship with the Lord allows us to clean those things out. Yet there is a danger of our hearts getting so cold toward God and hence the inner cleansing is neglected. We lose our concern for a healthy inner man. If we are saved, the Holy Spirit will grind away at us to clean things up, but too often we turn off our fellowship because we have succumbed to the elements of the world. We are frozen spiritually and have no desire to get right. If God’s grace shines on us again, we are going to have to get down into that dirty place of our heart and be honest about what’s been going on in there. Fellowship with God requires us to listen, confess, and talk to the Lord. Once you have that going, it is very gratifying and healthy. You won’t have to worry about a stinky testimony! David had the answer for frozen pipes.  He said, “My heart was hot within me while I was musing (on God’s word) the fire burned: then spake I with my tongue.” Psalms 39:3 Jeremiah said, “…but his Word was in mine heart as a burning fire shut up in my bones…” Jeremiah 20:9

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