It Doesn’t Match

It Doesn’t Match!

“Only let your conversation be as it becometh the gospel of Christ…” Philippians 1:27

Could you imagine going to a dentist, sitting down in the chair to have him clean your teeth, and watching with dismay as he pulls down his face mask and smiles to reveal a mouthful of rotten teeth? Rotten teeth would not become a dentist. Imagine signing up at a fitness center only to find that the trainer is more out of shape than you are. Good teeth become a dentist, and a physically fit body becomes a physical trainer.

The Lord is telling us that our conversation (words, walk, and attitude) should become (be proper for or authenticate) the Gospel of Christ. Let’s consider some things that are becoming of a Christian.

A Christian should be an open follower of the life of Christ, a student of God’s Word, forgiving, hardworking, persevering, honest, friendly in his encounters with people, orderly in his business, orderly in his home, modest in his appearance, pure in his thought life, firm in his convictions, and confident in his faith.

He should have a positive outlook, which is really an uplook. He should have a smile and should speak kind, helpful, and wholesome words. He should have an understood purpose with a hopeful future. His decisions should be governed by biblical values. Integrity should be the norm for a Christian.

I know that is a long list, but ask yourself, “Do these things become a Christian in the New Testament sense of the word?” Too often we represent the Lord like a dentist with bad teeth or a physical trainer who is out of shape. These attributes authenticate His presence in our lives.

It will take His help, but if you desire to change for His glory, then you can be assured of His power. Take this list and evaluate yourself against it throughout the week. It will provide you with wisdom and power from above.

Every day we encounter people who need Christ and even some who are looking for Christ. You may not always be able to share the whole Gospel vocally, but you can show them the Gospel of Christ visibly!

Read: Ephesians 4