Jr. High School Teachers

Aaron & Shannon Reid
My name is Aaron Reid.  I came to trust Jesus Christ as my Savior at a young age.  I was baptized as a teenager, realizing that I wanted to follow Jesus.  I realized that I need to make Jesus the Lord of my life, not just the Savior of my life.  A good friend gave me Proverbs 3:5-6 as inspirational verses when I graduated high school.  I did not fully understand the power in these verses at the time, but over the years as I have trusted in the Lord Jesus and acknowledged Him, I have seen Him lead my paths.  The more I trust in Jesus Christ, the more I see Him working in my life.  The Lord Jesus has blessed me with my beautiful wife, Shannon, and three wonderful children, Hannah, Naomi, and Nathan.  Praise God!
My name is Shannon Reid.  Door-to-door soul winning is a great opportunity to share the gospel!  Little did I know on March 4, 2001 after going door-to-door with Mrs. Dawn McNair that I would be the one to be saved!  I was fighting with myself going that day to soul winning training because I am a major introvert.  My husband, Aaron, signed us up for the class, but he ended up not going to that first day of training.  I did not know very many in the church.  During class, I realized I was lost and on my way to hell.  In order to get married to Aaron back in 1996, the Pastor up in North Manchester, IN, said I need to be saved or he was not marrying us.  I thought I understood salvation then, but I did not.  Mrs. Dawn and I were talking and I told her everything.  She parked the car at church and led me right to the Lord, right then and there.  Back in the church, Pastor asked if we had good visits and if we saw anyone receive Christ.  We said yes, and I raised my hand.  What a day I will never forget!  Ever since then, I have been serving the Lord and telling others about the gospel of Jesus Christ!  I have a handsome, God-fearing husband and three beautiful kids!  Praise God from whom all blessings flow!