Last Words

Last Words

Now these be the last words of David… 2 Samuel 23:1

Can you imagine knowing that you were penning your last words? What would you say? What would you want to leave behind for your family, friends, and whoever else might read your words?

David knew these were his last words and therefore wanted to be honest and helpful in what he would write. He seems to have three primary objectives in his last words;

  • He wanted people to know his testimony and his God .1-5
  • He wanted to give advice to his son on leadership .1-7
  • He wanted to show gratitude toward those who stood with him as he served the Lord .8-39

What a blessing it is for the man doing your funeral to know about your salvation and be able to share your experience. What a blessing it is to be able to share reasons for any success you might have had. What a blessing to leave behind gratitude for friends who stayed with you in the most difficult times. His friends would be encouraged, and his family would know who his friends were.

The reality is we will all give our last words whether we plan it or not. If this was your last day would you be satisfied with the last words you spoke to your spouse? Would you be satisfied with the last words you spoke to your children? Would you be satisfied if these were the last words you spoke to your friends or even enemies?

One man said at the funeral of his mother our last words were hateful and now I can do nothing about it. A young lady said at the funeral of her father I’ll never get to show him the gratitude he deserved for raising me.

You have an opportunity to leave a lasting good impression, to clear up some old grudges, and to show Christian love even if it is not accepted. How do you want to meet Christ? What kind of testimony do you want to leave behind? What will be your last words?

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