Learning From A Chalk Line

Learning from a Chalk Line

“For even hereunto were ye called: because Christ also suffered for us, leaving us an example, that ye should follow his steps.” —I Peter 2:21

I was running the other day and found a chalk line (snap line) on the side of the road. Usually, when I run, I pray, quote Scripture, or just think, but on this occasion, my mind began to muse on the purpose of the chalk line.

For those who may not know what a chalk line is, it is a box with a string that will stretch out to almost fifty feet. The string has chalk on it and is used to mark a long straight line. The string is to be tightened and then snapped to leave a clear chalk mark on the board. The chalk will wear off eventually but allows for a visual of a straight line.

Our Christian lives are to be chalk lines that provide a clear visual for others to follow. As Christ provided us a pattern, we are to provide a pattern for those who follow us. As a Christian, you have more influence than you think; therefore, the pattern needs to be clear.

First, there needs to be something in you. Just as the snap line has to be filled with chalk from time to time, so does the Christian. We need to be filled with the Spirit and God’s Word for there to be a worthwhile visual of our Christianity (Ephesians 5:18).

Second, there needs to be a tightening of the string and a snap of the line for a clear mark to be made. We as Christians need to be tightened by good character and tested (snapped) now and then for there to be a clear example. Most people pay more attention to the person going through the trial than the person who is at ease. It is during the snapping that we see the clearest pattern. Daniel had purposed in his heart not to defile himself, and he was tested (snapped), but the result was a testimony that left a clear line to God!

You don’t have to look for trials to leave a mark; just work on good Christian character and get filled with God’s Word. God will do the snapping. Don’t worry; you won’t break, and you will leave a clear mark for Christ.

After the chalk line has been snapped, it needs to be coated again with chalk, so the Christian who has just gone through a trial will need to be saturated with God’s Word (Colossians 3:16).

Our Savior, Jesus Christ, provided us the clearest line of all as He was tightened and snapped. The purpose of His sojourn on this earth was primarily to be our Savior, but He was also our example. He taught us how to pray, how to work, how to treat people, how to confront evil, how to forgive, how to be kind, and how to persevere when we are all by ourselves. His chalk line in His flesh has been recorded in Scripture. May we take the Scripture and put it in our flesh for other Christians to see.

If you are following the Lord, then most likely God put some people in your life who were willing to be filled, tightened, and snapped to provide you a pattern. It’s your turn to show someone else. Don’t quit!