Learning From Defeat!

Learning From Defeat!

Successful people did not reach success without experiencing some degree of failure and defeat. They are people who learned from defeat. Joshua would lose one battle in his military career. It was a battle that would teach him a grave lesson. Those who are familiar with the battle of Ai know that it was Achans sin that brought the defeat. At least it was the primary reason.  As we take a careful look at the chapter there was another factor that led to the defeat of Israel against Ai. Joshua neglected to pray. Isn’t it interesting that after the defeat Joshua went to pray and revealed his discouraged heart to the LORD yet all the Lord said to him was, Up, there is sin in the camp. If he had prayed before the battle the way he prayed after the battle a number of things would have changed:

  1. He wouldn’t have had to send scouts- Joshua 7:1-2
  2. He wouldn’t have listened to the strategy of the soldiers. God would have given him the battle plan as he did with Jericho.- Joshua 7:3 
  3. The military strategy would not have been based on fleshly wisdom. He would not have underestimated the enemy, as God’s people often do.
  4. The sin that doth so easily beset them would have been removed. God would have revealed Achan and his sin before the battle. Joshua 7:10-13

  Joshua did not get bitter because of defeat but rather he got better! Though defeat cost him he would learn from it and never experience defeat again. Have you been defeated? Defeat does not have to be final! Seek the Lord and learn from it. God wants you to be victorious. Remember, Faith is the victory that overcomes the world! 1 John 5:4

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