Let me run!

Let me run!  2 Samuel 18:19-23

If you were to read this passage of scripture you would find that Ahimaaz asked 3 times if he could run to the king and give him the news of the battle being over. Twice Joab said no but the third time he said, Run. When we see repetition in the Bible there is importance attached to it.

The Bible is filled with many runners; Abraham ran to meet the Lord- Genesis 18:1-2, Rebekah ran to bring water and please Abraham’s servant- Genesis 24:18-20, Asahel ran to catch Abner but caught his spear- 2 Samuel 2:19-23, Jonah tried to run from the LORD- Jonah 1:3 (We can’t out run God!), David ran toward Goliath and killed him- 1 Samuel 17:48, Mary ran to tell the disciples the tomb was empty- John 20:1-2

Now back to Ahimaaz and his desire to run. He was certainly an energetic man, for nobody would ask to run if they did not have energy bottled up. As we consider his petition to run there are three questions I will answer, in doing so I believe we will find personal application for our own Christian lives.

  1. Why did he want to run? He was excited about the victory and wanted to be the first to tell the king. The problem he had was he did not know the king like Joab did.
  • We as believer should be excited about the victory Jesus has given us over sin. Those who have experienced this victory are                   excited about telling others.
  • Have you been saved? Do you know the joy of victory over sin because of Jesus? Your attitude about telling others says a lot about        your experience.


2.  How did he get approval to run? He asked the one who was his authority and he kept on asking.

  • This is a great example of how to get answered prayer, just keep asking! I believe that if Joab had said no the third time, Ahimaaz             would have asked a fourth time.
  • Our Lord gave us two parables that encourage persistent prayer; Luke 11:8 and 18:5-8
  • He fact that he asked to run reveals he felt restrained until given permission but he finally got it because he would not quit asking for        it
  • Do you have a burden that is weighing on you day and night? Let it motivate you to bring it to God day and night. Hebrews 11:6 “…          he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.”


3.  What became of his running? He learned something about the kings heart something that Joab already knew (2 Samuel 18:24-33). He learned that the king was more concerned about Absalom than he was the war.

  • Ahimaaz would learn that the one who sought to kill David, David would have died for.
  • When we run to Jesus we learn his heart. We learn he loves those we call enemies. We learn he is not just willing to die for those        we call enemies, he did die for them. We learn what love really is!

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