Let Us Walk By The Same Rule

“Let us walk by the same rule”

Philippians 3:16 “Nevertheless, whereto we have already attained, let us walk by the same rule, let us mind the same thing.”

The apostle is admonishing the Christians at Philippi who have attained more knowledge of God’s will to continue walking by the faith that gave them that knowledge. For example, we discover God’s will for our lives as we obey God, read his word, pray, witness, give, serve and forsake evil. I found my wife while seeking the Lord’s will, I found I was to be a pastor while doing God’s will. Now that I am married I am to walk by the same rule, now that I am pastoring I am to walk by the same rule. Just because you have attained something in your Christian life does not mean you are to change your walk. Many marriages suffer because the husband quit courting his wife and the wife quit trying to win her husband. You remember how you were when you were dating. “Walk by the same rule” now that you are married.  This does not mean we can’t add more intensity and implement more good, just don’t quit the basics. Why does God admonish us to mind the same thing after we have attained (the knowledge of his will for our lives) because when difficulties come our flesh wants to justify quitting by saying, “this must not be God’s will.” Oh no, what God made clear to you in the light of his word has not changed now that you feel you are in the dark. Mind the same thing and God will see you through. The ministry was made clear as I sought God’s will but troubles have come, would it help me to quit the doing the things that made his will obvious to me? We are to walk by the same rule of faith that helped us attain even after we have attained!

Read: Philippians 3:10-16