Our Lord’s Building Blocks

Our Lord’s Building Blocks


In Matthew 16:16, we find our Lord commending Peter’s confession: “…Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.” If that answer is from the heart, it will save a man’s soul and make him a child of God (Galatians 3:26).


The Lord stated that upon this rock (referring to Peter’s testimony), He would build His church. The Lord is the One that builds the church, but we that are saved are the material He uses. We are called

God’s building (I Corinthians 3:9). We are called lively stones

(I Peter 2:5). Here are four questions to consider as the Lord builds His church:


  1. Can a stone that is not willing to be placed near other stones be used for building? This speaks of identification. God wants His people to identify with His church (Acts 2:41–47).


  1. Can a stone that is not willing to be bonded with mortar to other stones be built upon? This speaks of commitment. The strength of the church is based upon the commitment—commitment to attend, to invest, and to serve—of the believers to that assembly. A commitment is a willingness to be accountable. No one commits to something he does not believe is a worthy cause. Nor does he commit to something that doesn’t provide some personal benefits. The right kind of church should do both. A commitment is necessary because there will be adversity.


  1. Can a stone that only wants to be on top be built upon? This speaks of the need for humility. Each believer must have the interest of the whole in mind. There must be a measure of sacrificing self-interest if the Lord would build upon you.


  1. Can a stone that refuses to follow the blueprint of the builder be built upon? This speaks of the need for God’s Word to guide us. God has laid out blueprints for the church.


As we consider the church we attend, may God help us to be His building blocks. The more blocks of this caliber, the greater the potential for growth and spiritual influence!