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Why Doesn’t God Remove My Problems?

Why Doesn’t God Remove My Problems?

“…Take away the serpents…” —Numbers 21:7

God may not take away the serpents, but He provides a Cure! Our God is certainly capable of serpent removal, but there are times when it is better to leave them for what they move us to do.

In the context of the scripture above, the people pleaded with God to remove the serpents, but God’s remedy would serve a greater purpose. A brazen serpent was to be made and placed upon a pole in the midst of the danger. Those who would look to the brazen serpent when they had been bitten would be healed. Those who ignored this simple remedy would die.

As the plague of serpents slithered amongst the children of Israel, it did not take long to figure out who was looking at God’s remedy and who wasn’t. Those who looked showed evidence of life; those who didn’t showed evidence of death. God would leave the serpents for a while to keep the people looking toward whence came their help!

We are no different from the children of Israel. We say, “God remove this envy; remove this alcohol; remove the tension at work; remove this person; remove that person.” You may have wondered why God doesn’t remove the problems in your marriage, at work, or at school. You may have wondered why God doesn’t remove your sinful nature now that you are saved.

He wants you to keep looking to Jesus! He wants you to know that the One Who saved your soul can make you whole if you keep looking to Him. He wants you to remember it is through Him you are delivered; it is through Jesus you are changed. One day He will give us new bodies, and the serpents will be gone for good. But, until then, let’s keep our eyes upon Jesus. Our problems keep us fixed upon God’s Remedy, Jesus.

Read: Numbers 21:5–9 and John 3:14–15