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Be Sure To Put The Decorations Up

Be Sure to Put the Decorations Up

Notice this statement in Titus2:9–10: “…that they may adorn the doctrine of God our Saviour in all things.”

The word


means ‘to decorate’; it refers to ornaments. Just as many people decorate their house during Thanksgiving and Christmas, we are to decorate the doctrine of God as His servants. Decorations reveal importance, create memories, and attract attention. My wife is very good at decorating our house for special occasions, and it has served to create anticipation in each season.

It takes time to get the decorations down from the attic—that’s my job—and then put them up around the house—that’s her job—but it’s always worth it. There is no doubt that it’s the Christmas season at our house in December. If someone came to our house from another time zone, he would figure out what season it was by the décor.

Though the lost need our doctrine, they distinguish us by our deeds. These deeds make the doctrine of God more appealing and attractive. They make our message more memorable and open the doors for us to witness. God has provided us with all of the décor we need

to adorn his doctrine

. The question is, Will we take the time and effort to put it up?

Notice the ornaments that adorn the doctrine of God as mentioned in the text.

  1. 9: “Exhort servants to be obedient unto their own masters, and to please them well in all things…”

This is what I call service with a smile. If we would just do what we are told by the authority in our life, we would adorn the doctrine. How much more when we do it with a smile! Act like you enjoy your job!

  1. 9: “…not answering again.”

This is what I call submission with silence. If you get in trouble for wrongdoing, take your medicine and do what you are supposed to do. Be responsible! If you get in trouble for something you didn’t do, don’t throw a temper tantrum. If you can’t talk to those involved, then just trust God with the issue because He knows. It may be a test.

  1. 10: “Not purloining…”

I call this ornament sincerity with the supplies. This means don’t steal from the company. Servants in Paul’s day did not have a lot of this world’s goods and were often tempted to steal from their masters. Paul is telling them to stop it. It’s not excusable as a Christian. Have faith that God will provide.

  1. 10: “…but shewing all good fidelity…”
This is the ornament I call

steadfastness in service

. The Christian servant should be known for his faithfulness in all things. Absenteeism should be the exception, not the rule, for the Christian. Tardiness should be the exception, not the rule.

The Christian servant who adorns his doctrine with these ornaments will get God’s attention and make it obvious to those around him what is important to him.

Do you need to put the decorations up?