Protecting Important Friendships

Protecting Important friendships

A froward man soweth strife: and a whisperer separateth chief friends. Proverbs 16:28

There are some friendships that truly add to our lives and we would be wise to protect them. Adam had a friendship with God and Eve had a friendship with Adam but then the whisperer came and separated Eve from Adam and then Adam chose to be separated from God to have Eve. It cost them the garden of Eden and brought pain and suffering to humanity.

Abraham was the best influence in Lots life but the whisperer came, Lot listened, and he chose Sodom over Abraham. It would cost him his testimony, his wealth, and his family.

There are friendships that will bless our lives if we choose to maintain them. There are people who will sharpen your character, who can teach you financial skills, and help you deal with conflict. There are people who will motivate you to do more with your life and strengthen your relationship with God. These are what I call chief friends. Sometimes they may come across rough but not because they don’t care. They know we are drifting from our moral anchor and will warn us even if it upsets us.

Beware of the whisperer! He will criticize your chief friends secretly to separate you from them. Regardless of the motive of the whisperer he is being led by an evil spirit. He or she may come across sincere and even appear to want to help you but if he can make you suspicious of your chief friends you will have a hard time trusting them.

Chief friends are also those leaders in our lives who want to help us, like parents, pastors, teachers who love God and pray for us often. The whisperer will always try to undermine authority in your life, especially if it strengthens your walk with God.

Why is he called a whisperer? Because he doesn’t want your chief friends to hear him talking to you!

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