Prove It To Yourself!

Prove it to yourself!

But let every man prove his own work, and then shall he have rejoicing in himself alone and not in another. Galatians 6:4

Far too often we blame our despondency on things that are out of our control, when in reality it is what we know about ourselves that gets us down. You cannot make people trust you after you have fallen nor can you make people like you but you can determine to be trustworthy and likable. You need to realize it is not the responsibility of others to make you trustworthy. Trust takes time and consistency but you don’t have to wait until people trust you to enjoy the fact that you are doing what is right. It is what you know about yourself that counts. When a man knows himself to be true and faithful to God he can have joy in himself alone. This is why the best pillow is a good conscience.

Everyone will fail someone but we don’t have to let that failure keep us from getting up. Even if your failures have cost you something like a job, a friendship, or a marriage, prove to yourself you have changed. Start living in a way that pleases God even if people don’t believe you. It is not just who you are in public but it’s who you are in private that counts. God knows who you really are and if you have really changed that is what you need to focus on. Don’t get mad at others for not trusting you, trust is earned and only God gives that. Paul was bitten by a snake and the natives at Mileta thought he was a criminal but he shook the snake off and didn’t swell so they changed their minds and thought he was a god. Joseph was called a rapist and was sent to jail but he did not make an excuse to rebel from God. In time God took care of his reputation. The only joy these men could find at times was the fact that they had proved to themselves to be in the right. So work on being right with the Lord and the rest will take care of itself!

Solomon had called out the wickedness of his brother. Adonijah then repented and humbled himself before his brother the king. Solomon gave him mercy under this condition, If he will shew himself to be a worthy man… 1 Kings 1:52. Unfortunately Adonijah was not a true man and revealed he was more concerned about his image than his character. He was more concerned about what men thought of him than what God thought of him and therefore his wicked heart came to the surface again only to bring his downfall!

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