Richard & Oksana Maher
Elisabeth & David
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Dear Praying Brothers and Sisters in Christ, December of 2016

We Praise the Lord for who He’s given us in 2016, especially the Gift of His Son Jesus Christ our Saviour & many new & old Brothers & Sisters who are labouring together with us to reach lost souls in Ukraine.

He gave me the opportunity to travel with International Commission to southern Ukraine to help a Church during what was planned to be a week of visits & meetings with people who had been prayed for & prepared to receive the Gospel of Christ. Nothing was prepared, but the Lord used it to open my eyes to the great need to train Ukrainian Christians how to present the Gospel and how to witness to strangers. *Instead of making visits, I was able to preach seven times in four Churches. The Lord also reached out to an only English speaking Jewish man named Avee. He was very open minded as I presented the Gospel. He’ll call me again when here- Please pray.

We are so thankful that He’s been opening doors and my eyes to needs. I had a great week of Evangelizing with a Russian speaking Church in southern Moldova. Their great desire (giving of themselves to God) to let Him show His goodness and love to souls who are down and out was an eye opener for me. (They cook and deliver hot lunches for 25+ invalids and very poor people as well as feed 20+ grade school students from poor families who come after school for lunch and tutoring.) One thing was lacking – no training in how to present the Gospel & witness for Christ. Many members were thankful for the five practical lessons I was able to teach & for tracts.

For Three months now I have travelled (1:45 one way) with a 25+ group of local Baptists from five Kiev Churches whose burden is to reach out, evangelize and start new Churches in a region where many from Chernobyl were resettled to after the Nuclear Meltdown in 1986. We have seen a few souls saved as we witnessed from house to house in 4 different villages, but most of the labourers don’t know how to present Christ or testify. {I was shocked when one woman prayed to quit smoking & the Brother said she had repented.}

*Pray the Lord will give wisdom as I seek to find and/or develop a concise, simple course that anyone can use to learn how to deal with lost souls and how to present Christ & salvation. I am printing many clear Gospel tracts as tools for the Christians at the Churches I will be training. Pray for more open doors with new Churches.

“Kairos” means time and opportunity. Soon I’ll be helping teach this MISSIONS COURSE in different Churches and Bible Institutes. God is stirring up a burden for local Churches to send out Ukrainians into Closed Eastern Countries which are still open to them as Russian speakers, but are off limits to Western Missionaries.

Lakeside Baptist Church finished distributing the 8000 Evangelistic Calendar packets from house to house in the same 15 villages as last year. *Please Pray these 8000 lost souls will read the Calendars daily that the seed of God’s Word be sown in their hearts through messages about Christ & Salvation.

The Lord Blessed to order an extra 2000 calendars for another Missionary labouring to sow the seed of God’s Word in a new village where he desires to work in hearts on the eastern outskirts of Kiev.

To God be the Glory,
Richard, Oksana, Elisabeth and David Maher – Your Missionaries to Ukraine

*** P.S. The War continues to slowly demoralize the people. All Prices have tripled, but not their pay or pensions.