Robert & Simone Tully
Brazil, South America
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The 2016 Furlough
Our 2016 furlough has come and gone. We were in the US from November 1 to December 15. In that time we drove over 10,000 miles and had meetings in CT, IN, KS, TX, FL, GA, and NC. We have been back in Maceió for a month, but it seems much, much longer.
Medical Scare
Exactly two weeks before leaving for the US, Simone had an overwhelming bacterial infection which landed her in the ICU for three days. She was hospitalized for a whole week. Thankfully the doctors were able to treat it successfully and we were good to go in time. Please do to pray for health and safety.
Big Plans for 2017
We have finally identified the area in which we believe the Lord is guiding us to start a new church. It is a very needy community within the city limits. We have been visiting and preaching there with great results. Please pray and help us get this new work started

“…and how shall they hear without a preacher?”  Rom 10:14
Greetings from Maceió! 2016 was a very busy and fruitful year, and the coming year promises to be even better. 
Our big push in 2017 will be the new church plant. The folks here are excited about starting the new work. Frequently supporting pastors and friends will ask about special needs or projects. Since arriving in 2005 we have not shared such needs, but now I would like to do just that. We are aiming to raise $7,000 to purchase a property in the community we have in mind. The price is very reasonable, although it will need extensive work to make it fit for the task. The a   mount we ask is for purchasing the property; our church here in Maceió would be responsible the rest, including equipment. We would appreciate any help in reaching our goal. If you are able to contribute, please designate it “Church Plant 2017.”
This is the first of many church plants we want to start to reach this so very needy area of Brazil. Since our last letter, over 355 souls have yep professed receiving Christ.
We appreciate you partnering with us to reach the lost in Brazil. We can only continue to do the Lord’s work here if folks like you hold the  ropes for us as we go into the well.
Robert & Simone Tully