Scriptures That Confuse Some Believers About Alcohol

Scriptures that confuse some believers about alcohol

John 2:1-9 Is the story of Jesus turning water into wine. Often people site this verse to justify wine drinking. The reality is that the word wine is used in the general sense meaning it does not say it was fermented. Fermented wine is old wine (Luke 5:37) because it takes time to ferment. Fermentation is the process of making the wine intoxicating. After fermentation it eventually turns to vinegar- Matthew 27:34.

  • We should ask ourselves, would Jesus actually make an intoxicating drink for the people to have when we are very aware of what it can do to people? (Proverbs 20:1)
  • Is it too far-fetched to believe that our Lord made fresh juice (that is called wine) out of the water? Just because we use different terms today to describe juice and wine doesn’t change the interpretation of the text.
  • There is a fine line between fermentation and vinegar. You cannot tell me it would taste better unless you like the taste of vinegar! The only way to be sure it tasted good is to drink it while it was fresh, and in that case it would not be intoxicating.
  • Freshly squeezed grapes have an invigorating effect on us but not an intoxicating effect!

1 Timothy 5:23 we learn something about Timothy in this passage.

  • He probably had a weak stomach because of the stress of the ministry. Paul told him to drink a little wine for thy stomach’s sake. He did not say to drink a lot.
  • According to and many other sources alcohol irritates the stomach. If Paul were referring to fermented wine he would be making his stomach worse. Yet many studies prove that grape juice is good for an upset stomach which would give credence to Paul’s advice.

Proverbs 31:4-7 here we find it is not becoming of kings or princes to drink wine or strong drink but to those who are dying and those with heavy hearts.

  • This certainly refers to intoxication but the primary purpose of it was medicinal not recreational.
  • The same wise man also wrote “wine is a mocker…”
  • Those who see themselves as less than kings and princes in the eyes of God are the ones who tend to use wine and strong drink. It does give you an exaggerated feeling of yourself!
  • The reality is if you can’t handle a heavy heart the right way you will deal with it the wrong way! People will do anything to forget their misery even self-destruction!

The fact is that there are far more scriptures condemning the use of wine than those that approve the use of wine!

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