Spiritual 20/20 Vision

Spiritual 20/20 Vision

Spiritual 20/20 vision is seeing things as God sees them. I had to get my license renewed this year and of course they have to check your eyes. For the first time in my life I was made aware of my faulty vision. They told me my license would be restricted to vehicles with side mirrors. No biggy! I can live with that.

That was no problem with the car and the mirrors to help aid my view but the lesson was that my sight was worse than I thought and it took an eye exam to detect it. God’s word is how we detect our spiritual eyes. If we want to see things as God does, we need to read and learn his Word. The word of God is not only our telescope into the future but our guide for today. B-I-B-L-E could stand for Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth. The fact that God has provided his Word for us is called revelation. The fact that God used men to write his word is called inspiration.

The blessing with spiritual vision is no matter how skewed it may be, it can be cleared up by getting close to Jesus. Remember that spiritual vision starts from the heart.

Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God– Matthew 5:8.

Where the heart is pure the vision is clear! Judas was close to Jesus but did not see people or situations like Jesus did.

When our hearts seek the Lord he will reveal his book to us. That is called illumination.

King Josiah inherited a kingdom that was in a mess. Idolatry prevailed, the house of God had been closed, wickedness was everywhere. The Word of God had disappeared from the people. And spiritual darkness was upon the land that he would rule.

Josiah began to seek the Lord at an early age, and as time progressed, he found the book of the law of God. God new he had a man that he could trust with his Word.

…While he was yet young, he began to seek after the God of David…2 Chronicles 34:3.

…I have found the book of the law in the house of the LORD…and Shaphan carried the book to the king… 2 Chronicles 34:15-16

There are so many blessings God has promised to those who love his Word- Joshua 1:8/Psalms 1:1-3/Revelation 1:3.

Where there is no vision, the people perish; but he that keepeth the law, happy is he– Proverbs 29:18

The vision referred to is the law of God.


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