Stolen Hearts

Stolen hearts

“And on this manner did Absalom to all Israel that came to the king for judgment: so Absalom stole the hearts of the men of Israel.” – 2 Samuel 15:6

Absalom is one of the most infamous characters in scripture. He conspires against his father David. He is willing to kill him to get the throne of Israel. We find in this passage he has stolen the hearts of Israel from David. He has deceptively won their allegiance. They had lived under David and seen great days in Israel but now they have turned.

It’s a sad day, when we see a child of God turn from the Lord. We see our young people who have been brought up in church, singing, praising, and serving the Lord with enthusiasm. They enjoyed coming to church and then, as they become teenagers or High School graduates something happens. They are no longer vocal about their faith. They are no longer interested in church. Their hearts seem to be somewhere else. They not only turn away from God but they turn to sin! They enjoy the beer drinking, the adultery, the party and nightlife! They are all in with the world’s crowd! Why? Because their hearts are somewhere else! Someone has stolen their hearts!

Would to God, we would be as concerned about the hearts of our children as the devil is! He is constantly working to win the hearts of God’s people! He already has the lost! How does he do it?

Lessons from Absalom? (2 Sam15:1-6) He used these tactics for evil but we can use them for good!

  1. Control what influences them! (.2 “And Absalom rose early, and stood beside the way of the gate.”) *We have some gates as well: eyes and ears!
  2. Show interest in them! (.2 “…of what city art thou?”) *People like people who are interested in them! Your spouse and your kids feel the same way!
  3. Be concerned about their grievances! (.2 “that when any man that had a controversy came…”) *Their hurts may be small to you but they are big to them, so when you make them important you show you care! *This is when the wrong crowd will take advantage of them if you don’t help thy will look elsewhere!
  4. Be complimentary but not facetious! (.3 “…See thy matters are good and right”) *when they are right let them know it when they are wrong let them know it but do it with a willingness to help them.
  5. Show them love (. “…he put forth his hand, and took him and kissed him.”) *Affection is necessary to show love. Don’t be afraid to show affection to the ones you love!

Always help them trust the counsel of Jesus the KING of KINGS! Absalom stood as road block to the king and implied that the king did not care! (.2 and .6) *May we stand as an open door that leads them to Jesus!!!