Take Ye Away the Stone

Take Ye Away the Stone

Said Jesus to those gathered around the tomb of Lazarus. Unlike the resurrection of Christ, Lazarus would not rise until the stone was rolled away. It is notable that our Lord would not call Lazarus to come forth until the stone was rolled away. Is there a lesson in it for us? Absolutely!

The story of the raising of Lazarus holds a great lesson concerning the transfer of the gospel from the living to the dead. Those without Christ are dead to God (Ephesians 2:1) that was our condition until we received new life in Jesus. Now that we are saved we are called to serve! Especially as soul winners! Yet, in our flesh dwelleth no good thing. How shall we impact the heart of someone who is dead to God? Only Christ can awaken the soul of a lost man. Here is where we find the practicality of the text.

The living must remove the stone that separates him from the dead man. The Lord will let you know which stone it is. It is not up for the dead man to remove it. It may be the stone of unbelief. Yes, a believer may struggle with enough belief to share the gospel. This appears to be Mary and Martha’s stone as we hear them both say, “Lord, if thou hast been here my brother had not died”. The Lord Jesus had to help them overcome their unbelief. Even when he told them to take away the stone, Martha said, “Lord, by this time he stinketh”. As if to say, it’s too late but you and I know it wasn’t.

Pride may be the stone that must be taken away because it hides Christ from the lost. Even religious pride is a hindrance. Pride exalts self not the Savior. The Lord will not speak to the lost around you as long as you live self-absorbed. Humble yourself and he will lift you up. God resisteth the proud but giveth grace to the humble.

Fear may be the stone that must be taken away. The fear of man is a snare says the wise man. Once again fear manifest unbelief and pride.

Bitterness and the unforgiving spirit are stones that must be removed for the Lord to speak to the dead. Why would you allow anger for an enemy, hinder a prayer for a friend?

It may be open sinful behavior that you have not confessed and forsaken. The lost man sees your testimony as a sham and you feel the quenching of the spirit in his presence. You know what stone the Lord is dealing with you about. Take ye away the stone, says Jesus! Watch the miracle of the gospel when you do.

Read: John 11:34-44

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