The Benefit of Complaining

The Benefit of Complaining

My beagles were great complainers. Every time I left the house or returned home I would hear them complain about their living conditions. They just couldn’t seem to find contentment in their environment. You know, with all the rabbits running around the neighborhood and the occasional stray cat that would drop by the house it just magnified their confines.

Now be sure to know that they were treated with utmost care and security. They had food, water and a nice home, as dog houses go. They had a sixty foot pen that was ten foot wide, what more could a creature that weighed forty pounds need? For some reason, they just weren’t satisfied with their lot in life. It didn’t help when the neighbor dogs roamed through the yard as though they were on possum patrol. My dogs would yelp, bark, cry and agonize about a quick release, you would have thought that someone was squeezing the life out of them. Like I said, they were great complainers. You know why? Because they often got their way!

I would get to the point to where I couldn’t handle the complaining. The gate would open and they wouldn’t even take time to thank the warden for their furlough, they just ran!

Now don’t get me wrong, there is bad complaining and unnecessary complaining. We don’t have to think too deeply about that, but it’s the good complaining I am talking about. The kind of complaining that gets what it wants.

The residents of Philadelphia had complained about the dark streets and Benjamin Franklin decided to implement street lights.

The widows complained about being neglected and the disciples implemented deacons.

If you don’t complain now and then you may never get what you want. The squeaky wheel gets the oil! We all agree that somethings are worth complaining about especially if change is possible.

The Lord tells us of a woman who complained to an unjust judge until she received justice. God said that he heard the cries of the children of Israel while suffered in Egypt and therefore he did something about their release. Hannah complained to God about being barren and God gave her a baby.

Evening, and morning, and at noon, will I pray, and cry aloud: and he shall hear my voice. Psalms 55:17 David was a complainer of the good sort. He complained to the one who cared and could make a difference. He was determined God was going to hear his voice until the prayer was answered.

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