The Power of the Rain

The Power of Rain

It’s raining outside, and it’s been raining most of the day. There are folks, in this farming country that are excited about the rain and there are others who are not. They had events planned and their parade got rained on. Rain can bless you or blast you! It can refresh you or drown you. It is needed but so is sunshine. God’s word says it rains on the just and unjust, letting us know that rain is not a respecter of persons.
We had a rather large addition to our church building last year. Since the completion of the project we have struggled with a leak in the ceiling. I have called the contractor about this and they have sent people out to find the leak and repair the damage but the next time we get a hard rain there it is again. The rain has a way of exposing the leaks. Now I could complain about the rain but we need rain and therefore it is not the rains fault. It is the builders fault. Yet even he can’t be sure if he has fixed the problem until it rains again. As frustrating as this has become it still needs to be fixed.
It may not rain for a month and we may think all is well after the so called repairs, but wait, … here comes the rain to validate the work. Yes, I hear it coming down, I see it coming down and before long it’s in the building again. All the labor they had put into finding the leak and repairing the damage has proven vain.
Now we could choose not to worry about the leak since it doesn’t rain all of the time. We could repair the damage the leak caused and then forget about it until the next rain. The symptoms are cared for but not the problem.
I know some Christians like that. They care for the symptoms but not the problem. In some cases they make their repairs with narcotics rather than seeking Jesus!
We too may have some serious leaks in our Christian character. We may appear fine in the sunshine but it has to rain and it will rain, on “the just and unjust”. When it does much is revealed about our Christian character that was undetectable in the sunshine. We may discover that we act no different than a lost person when trouble comes, or should I say an unexpected rain.
Your Christian character needs a good hard rain now and then. It’s a great diagnostics test. Don’t get mad if you discover some leaks, thank God they have been revealed. You can now repair the roof. Noah wasn’t worried about the leaks because he followed God’s instructions.
It amazes me how hateful some Christians can get when someone looks at them cross eyed! Could it be they have a leak? Some Christians who claim to have great faith either lose it or discover they didn’t have it when the doctor says, cancer. Could it be they have a leak in their roof? Now I am not making light of cancer but there ought to be a difference in the way a Christian handles adversity verses a lost person.
Next time it rains on you praise the Lord! If you don’t have a leak, that’s good news. If you do have a leak, that’s good news, because you can repair it!

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