The Unchanging Verses The Changing

The unchanging verses the changing

Hebrews 13:8 “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever.”

The unchangeable will always change the changeable when they spend time together. Christ will change you, you won’t change Christ. Those who do not want change will struggle in their fellowship with the unchangeable or they will try to change the unchangeable. A story is told of a Ship’s captain who tried to get another ship to move out of his way during a cloudy, foggy night only to discover that he was talking to the captain of the Lighthouse. Regardless of what the worlds view is on an issue the standard of right comes from the Lord and will not change. Sodomy has always been an abomination, fornication as always been sin, stealing, lying, irreverence toward the sacred has always been wrong, it will not change. The danger is that as the culture changes and the majority begins to call wrong right we as God’s people begin to question God or even try to get God to move. New Bibles are coming out with many changes that appear to approve of the things God condemned. God has provided us the standard of life that produces order and happiness, outside of that standard is confusion and heartache. Try to build a house without a level at best it becomes a very unstable structure. The world is changing, policies are changing but you can find security in the unchanging Christ.

Read Hebrews 12:25-13:9