Turning Back In The Day Of Battle!

Turning Back in the Day of Battle!

Psalms 78:9 “The children of Ephraim, being armed, and carrying bows, turned back in the day of battle.”

There is no crown without a cross! There is no joy without some sorrow! There is no victory without a battle! Ephraim wanted God’s blessings but didn’t want to carry any burdens. Ephraim wanted privilege but didn’t want to pay the price! God would not have it! God records Ephraim’s behavior in the day of battle, they turned back! Why did they turn back? Was it because they had no weapons? No, “being armed, and carrying bows”. Was it because God had forsaken them? No, God had brought them out of Egypt and promised this land to them. This was Canaan land and it was to be theirs but not without faith in God. Listen believer, God has good things for you but you must be willing to battle, to fight the good fight. The battle is always won by those who depend upon God and go forward! Let me give you some battles you are going to have to fight if you would receive God’s best; the battle of daily devotions with God. You will have to make yourself get into God’s book daily and meditate upon His Word! You will have to make yourself take time to pray and seek God’s strength and wisdom daily! You will have to make yourself remember you’re nobody without Christ! You will have to make yourself express gratitude in the eternal blessings of God when the temporal blessings are not apparent! Too many of God’s people turn back when their flesh is comfortable. Too many of God’s people turn back from thankfulness when their flesh is uncomfortable! When we turn back we not only forfeit the blessings God has for us but often we forfeit the blessings God has already given us! Why because we are more interested in doing things the easy way rather than the right way! You get upset at work and rather than control your temper and do your job, you lose your temper and then lose your job! Don’t blame that on God, you turned back in the day of battle! Battles come to us that we might show the world who our God is, remember David and Goliath! David was always victorious when he fought for his God but the day he didn’t go to battle (2 Samuel 11:1) he became one of the biggest losers in the Bible! If you’re in a battle don’t turn from it, God is with you, so walk with him through it!

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