Unto Philemon…And The Church In Thy House

Unto Philemon…And The Church In Thy House

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The name Philemon means friendly. It is significant that Philemon had a church in his house. Paul’s letter to Philemon is about accepting Onesimus back into his home not as a servant, which he was, but as a brother beloved into the church.

Onesimus had stolen from Philemon, ran away, and later landed in jail with the apostle Paul. It was through that experience that he came to know Christ. He would be released before Paul, but desired to stay with Paul, but Paul advised him to go back to Philemon with the letter we read in our Bible.

Philemon knew Paul well because he too had become a convert of Christ through Paul’s ministry. When Onesimus knocked on Philemon’s door you can be sure he was quick to give him the letter from Paul.

The friendliness of the church makes a big difference in preparing hearts to receive the Word of God. If the church is preaching the truth but they have a mean spirit, they hinder their ministry. If the church is friendly, but does not preach the truth they deceive the people.

Paul knew that the house of Philemon had the truth and if he lived up to his name it would be no problem for Onesimus to feel welcome. What a blessing it is when visitors can come to a Bible preaching church and feel welcome enough to pay attention to the sermon.

Are you involved in a Bible preaching church? Are you friendly to the visitors that attend your services? You can be a difference maker in your church by just being friendly! Be the kind of church member that you would want your guests to meet.

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