When A Backslider Gets Right

When A Backslider Gets Right!

Then will I teach transgressors thy ways; and sinners shall be converted unto thee. Psalms 51:13

This passage is in reference to David getting right with God. His heart wanted to see the lost get saved.

God can use you again if you turn to him. Living among the sinners as a backslider sometimes is like being bait on a fishing line. It is very uncomfortable and I wouldn’t recommend it. It often cost the bait its life or extreme discomfort yet the fishermen catches his fish.

Can you see Elimilech and Naomi backslide and go to Moab to escape a famine? Elimilech and his two boys die but Naomi when Naomi gets right with God she will bring home Ruth! Ruth was quite a catch! All because Naomi got right with God! Ruth didn’t make a decision for the Lord until Naomi got right!

I don’t recommend backsliding to win souls, nothing is guaranteed when your backslidden except chastisement. I am saying that if you are backslidden and under conviction repentance may bring others to God with you!

Can you see Jonah running from the Lord on his way to Tarshish? He pays the fare to sail away only to experience a storm that could kill the whole crew. Jonah finally confesses his sin and takes responsibility and the men on the boat turn to the Lord because he got right!

Then the men feared the Lord exceedingly, and offered a sacrifice unto the Lord, and made vows. Jonah 1:16

We had a young lady in my youth group years ago who was not spiritual by any means. She came to church because of her parents and a friend or two. She would come to Sunday school with a new boy each month. She probably met him at some wild party but she brought him to church. Often the boy would make a decision for the Lord and she would dump him later and go get another one. I remember one of her boyfriends who really seemed genuine when he got saved. I could see the conviction on his face even afterward when he knew he wasn’t living right. If she had a heart for God I could see the both of them really doing well together but she eventually dumped him. Looking back it was kind of funny how the Lord could use someone’s foolishness for good. She would pay a price for her sins. It was costly for her to backslide but God made use of the fact that she kept coming back to church.

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