When All You Can Do is Lean!

When All You Can Do Is Lean!

Jacob couldn’t run anymore but he could lean. He wasn’t as agile as he once was but he could lean. He would live the rest of his life leaning on his staff. It was an experience he would never forget. He would no longer be just Jacob (supplanter) but he would be Israel (prince with God). This life changing experience did not mean he would not have struggles ahead but now he knew he could lean on the God of Abraham and Isaac. (Genesis 32:24-31)
What was this life altering event Jacob experienced? It was the night he God took his leg out of socket. He chose to wrestle an angel of God for heavens blessings. He lost the full use of one leg but he won the blessing of God. He would remember his need to lean on God the rest of his life. (Genesis 32:24-31)
You may feel weak spiritually but you can lean! You may feel defeated and overwhelmed but you can lean! Family burdens may be breaking your heart but you can lean! The people and things you use to have confidence in have let you down but you can lean! You may not have the physical strength you use to have but you can lean!
It’s by leaning you truly get to know God. Paul had a thorn in the flesh that he desperately wanted removed but it was not going away. What did he do? He leaned on Jesus and found his grace to be sufficient. John was old, isolated and left for dead on the isle of Patmos. He couldn’t swim but he could lean. He couldn’t build a bridge but he could lean. Oh how God met with him! What wonders he discovered and was able to impart to us because he leaned. The book of Revelation is the result John leaning on Jesus.

Real rest comes from leaning on Jesus. An easy chair would not be called an easy chair if you had to hold yourself up when you sat in it. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Psalms 23:4

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