Why You Should Bring Your Bible to Church Versus your iphone or ipad?

Why you should bring your Bible to Church verses your iphone or ipad?

  1. Your example– People won’t question what you are doing when the scriptures are open but when you use an iphone it looks like you’re playing on your phone. If you are concerned about your example that should be enough.


  1. It won’t break if you drop it


  1. It will still work if there is a power surge


  1. It will serve you well to know how to find passages of scripture so you can help the kids who do bring their Bibles!


  1. It is easy to take notes


  1. It won’t receive a text message or news report that would distract you during the message


  1. It allows you to leave something for your children or grandchildren when you are gone. They would enjoy looking at your old notes and markings.


  1. Can you imagine waving your iphone when we sing hold the fort for I am coming Jesus whispers still, wave the answer (waving your iphone?) back to heaven by thy grace we will. Traditionally that is when we wave our Bibles!

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