Pastor Merv McNair
Sanctuary Class Teacher
Pastor McNair graduated from Heritage Baptist University in May of 1993. Before starting Lighthouse Baptist Church in Lebanon, IN he served as the youth pastor for The Lighthouse Baptist Church of Indianapolis, IN  (1990-2000)
A Word From Pastor McNair:
In the fall of 2000 the Lord led my family and I to Lebanon to start a church that would be faithful to his word (the Bible). We had been in the youth ministry for ten years and God had to uproot us to make us go, but I can truly testify he makes no mistakes. We have seen hundreds of people come to know Christ as Saviour. Families have been salvaged along with broken Christians. The word of God is relevant for our time. While the world is pushing drugs and the newest self help scheme, we are pushing scripture and help from our Saviour Jesus Christ. We have found him to be faithful and true and so will you. There is no problem the Lord cannot solve, no question he cannot answer. We love God’s Holy Word and make no apologies for our stand. Everyone is welcome. We believe you will enjoy the family atmosphere of the services. There is a place for everyone to serve and be ministered too.