But They Made Light of It

But they made light of it

“But they made light of it, and went their ways one to his farm, another to his merchandise…”

Matthew 22:5

In our text a king had made huge wedding plans for his son and desired certain people to attend the wedding but they were not interested and chose to do their own thing. The king would eventually allow anyone to come as long as they wore the appropriate wedding garments. To make light of this wedding invitation was no small oversight. They truly disrespected the king to reject his invite. They would pay for it later but for now I want to emphasize the generosity of the king to invite the common people of the land to his son’s wedding. He had made great preparation for them and they did not care. What a slap in the face! Have you ever bought a gift for someone and they did not accept it? Have you ever sacrificed to be a blessing or help to someone and they acted as though you were supposed to do it? How ungrateful!

Historical records now prove that there were warnings about the Japanese invading Pearl Harbor but the people in the know “made light of it”. Lots wife was warned not to look back when Sodom was destroyed but she made light of it! There are somethings that we can’t afford to make light of!

We can’t afford to make light of the judgment of God. If you want to be ready to meet God you better take his salvation through Christ seriously! There are people in hell who made light of salvation (Luke 16:19-31). We cannot afford to make light of our witness for Christ! There are some people that God has called us to witness to that will actually listen if we share our faith. If you don’t witness they may not get saved! We cannot afford to make light of our walk with God!

Christians lose their marriages, jobs, and even health because they did not have a walk with God! The result was they did not have strength to overcome temptation. We need to be daily ion Gods word and daily spend time in prayer! Don’t make light of it! We need to be active in a local Bible preaching church, don’t make light of it! So often a family will come to church and the Lord will heal them and then they will wander from the house of God and get back into the sin that was destroying their lives! Don’t make light of going to church!

We cannot afford to make light of our financial responsibilities.

Work and pay your bills and save for the future because the day is coming when you won’t be able to work and earn money. Many people are living in debt and despair because they made light of their financial responsibilities!

Don’t make light of the gifts God has given you! The day will come if you have not used them for the Lord he may take them from you!

People who have enjoyed the blessings of God are people who took his promises and warnings seriously!

To make light of something is to hold it in low esteem!

Those who hold God’s word in low esteem always pay for it later! I know Christian couples who have ruined their marriages because they made light of church and the word of God. I know people in jail who will be there most of their lives because they made light of God! I know people in the hospital who are there because they made light of God! God has orchestrated the Christian life so that we need God’s word to survive and thrive!




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