Spiritual Leadership

Spiritual leadership

Spiritual leadership is influence and influence is power. Spiritual leadership has one purpose and that is to help others know God! You don’t need a position to have influence. In 1 Samuel 16 king Saul was vexed by an evil spirit. David was called in to play music and the evil spirit departed in verse .24. Who had the position? King Saul. Who had the power? David.

The degree by which you influence people for God is the measure of your spiritual leadership.

We as God’s people all have a degree of spiritual leadership, but are we using it for the glory of God? You don’t need a position to have power. You do need to have a heart for God because it is he who gives power to influence. If you use what you have for his glory you can be trusted with more. You may think you need more than you have now, but you must ask yourself, do I want power for my glory or God’s glory? When the answer is sincerely, God’s glory, you will be more diligent with the opportunities given you to know God because you cannot share what you do not know, no more than you can come back from where you have not been. The more we know about God the more we have to share. The more we share about God the more God reveals himself to us. This may be why Paul said “that I may know him and the power of his resurrection… Philippians 3:10. Even God calls us to know him, Be still and know that I am God…Psalms 46:10. God wants us to know him more and he has given us all that we need to get to know him more; His Word, his work, prayer, and his Spirit.

The greatest thing you can do as a Christian while living on earth is help people know your Jesus!

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